Monday, June 25, 2018

FLG Still Doesn't Get It

FLG has said it before...he doesn't get the appeal of Jean-Michel Basquiat.  And this recent article didn't help at all.  In fact, FLG read this...
Before Untitled, which its owner is now exhibiting on a global tour, you … do what, exactly? A common initial response—that the art is slapdash, tender, true—feels wrong somehow, as if we haven’t gotten it. Unwilling to play the part of the rearguard philistine anymore, we stay quiet, stranded in a vaguely shameful silence.
...what you think is that it's not a very good painting.   That it could have been painted by a child with a poor imagination and some finger paints.   And yes, nobody wants to be the first to say the emperor has no clothes because they worry they'll be called a rearguard philistine.  At some point, FLG hopes the art world comes to its senses.
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