Monday, December 31, 2012

Dollar Shave Club

FLG isn't sure if he's mentioned this, but he joined Dollar Shave Club a few months ago.  He can confirm that their blades are f**king great.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Free Courses And The Future of Higher Ed

FLG's best guess at the moment is that education is going to break down rather biomodally.  There will be online universities that will offer decent and affordable education geared toward studying the "scientific, commercial, and industrial rather than literary," to borrow Tocqueville's phrase.  While there might be a large number of these online schools, but FLG reckons, just from the economies of scale, that it will settle out to a small number enrolling the majority of students.  Some might be private, some public. 

On the other hand, FLG believes there will always be a market for an exclusive residential college experience; however, he's not sure how much of a market there will be.  The Ivies, Stanford, MIT, and Cal Tech will survive to provide this.  If FLG had to guess, there'll be enough people willing to pay for that experience to keep the somewhere in the top 50, maybe top 100 schools in the residential college business.  

FLG is interested in how the public schools will play out.  Good flagship state universities, like Michigan, Virgina, Berkeley, ULCA, Texas, and Wisconsin are well-placed to be dominant in the large, online university marketplace.  However, FLG sees a lot of the students who attend non-flagship universities being consolidated into either a state or regional online university.   The first to switch over will be the commuter students, but eventually most students will probably attend online.  To take FLG's current state, Virgina, as an example, UVA and William & Mary will probably be able to remain residential.  FLG doubts that George Mason, James Madison, and even Virginia Tech will be offering a residential college experience two decades from now.

But who knows?  The future of higher ed is probably about as up in the air at this point as anything.

In case you were wondering what got FLG thinking about this, well, he registered for two free online courses from Coursera and Edx, respectively - Financial Engineering and Risk Management and The Ancient Greek Hero.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quote of the day: Object Sex Holiday Gift Edition

Still, even though the HEPS Fantastic System can’t blow kisses or lick balls, it’s hands-down the best fellatio simulator I’ve ever had the fortune of using.

Obviously, it's not safe for work.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quote of the day

At Arlington Cemetery a few weeks ago:

A family, clearly tourists with kids ranging from grade school to teenagers at the end of a day of sightseeing, are walking toward the Tomb of the Unknowns and chattering/bickering about who still wants to do what/eat where/is bothering who/etc. The youngest son keeps tugging on mom to get her attention. Finally...

Mom: "What!?!?"
Son (pointing to tombstones): "I really wish all of these soldiers were still alive."
Family: [Sudden silence]
Mom: "Um... me, too. I really wish they were still alive, too."

Monday, December 3, 2012


This struck a nerve with FLG.

On Georgetown's campus:
two grad students are comparing their undergraduate universities to Georgetown. One of them went to the University of Colorado-Boulder for undergrad.
Guy 1: "So how does it compare as far as diversity?"
Guy 2: "Oh, Boulder has a VERY diverse campus."
Guy 1: "Really?"
Guy 2: "Well, not racially, no."
 As long-time readers know, FLG spent a few semesters at the University of Colorado at Boulder, which he attended without having visited the campus.  He still remembers how shocked he was at how white the student body was.

He must say, however, that he was even more shocked when he learned that a classmate had only seen one movie in the theaters, FLG thinks it might have been E.T., because she lived three or four hours from the nearest movie theater.  She'd also never driven through a stoplight until her trip to Boulder.
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