Wednesday, December 20, 2017

FLG Is Scratching His Head

FLG was reading this article at The Root, which to be honest had a lots of passages that had FLG scratching his head, but this quotation of Cornell West was downright confusing:
I just don’t like talking about white supremacy independent of the empire and patriarchy, especially of class. I think that we can’t be pre-Du Bois. Du Bois taught us white supremacy is always to be viewed in relation to class patriarchy and empire and homophobia and transphobia.

FLG is no expert in Du Bois, but he finds it unlikely that he had much to say about homophobia, and would be downright shocked if he'd had the foresight enough to even identify transphobia as existing, let alone integrate it into holistic system of white supremacy.  Now, the lens through which Du Bois viewed oppression, double consciousness, and some of his socialist political thought can undoubtedly be applied in a way that incorporates these issues, in the same way they can be applied to almost any minority within a community, but FLG thinks it's a stretch to say Du Bois taught people about homophobia and transphobia.  But again, FLG is no expert in Du Bois.   He'll have to do some research.

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