Saturday, December 2, 2017

Deneen At His Best

Patrick Deneen's analysis of the removal of societal expectations of courting behavior and in loco parentis, the subsequent emergence of the hook-up culture, and finally the use of Title IX to assert federal authority in the sphere of collegiate sexual relations:

In effect, this immorality tale is the Hobbesian vision in microcosm: First, tradition and culture must be eliminated as arbitrary and unjust (“natural man”). Then, we see that absent such norms, anarchy is the result (“the state of nature”). Finding such anarchy unbearable, we turn to a central sovereign as our sole protector, that “Mortall God” who will protect us from ourselves (“the social contract”). We have been liberated from all custom and tradition, all authority that sought to educate by habit and within the context of ongoing communities, and have replaced it with a central authority that punishes wrongdoers who abuse their freedoms. And, now lacking any informal and local forms of authority, we are virtually assured that those abuses will regularly occur, and that the role of the state in ever more intimate personal affairs will increase (“prerogative”).

It's worth reading the whole thing. 

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