Thursday, November 30, 2017

An Article That Gives FLG Some Hope

FLG pretty much disagrees with everything in this article, including this:
Compassion and equity and humanity matters more than your right to say whatever comes out of your mouth

 In these cases, FLG always goes to the quote, often attributed to Oscar Wilde but who knows?:
A gentleman never insults anyone unintentionally.

A goodly portion of this is really a matter of having good manners, as FLG believes the case discussed in the article regarding a joke making fun of Jews is.   But what gives FLG hope is that the article is discussing events surrounding a debate about free speech and censorship online back in 1989. 

FLG wasn't an adult yet at the time, but he definitely remembers the early-90s as being very politically correct (and given we are talking about Stanford here, it probably happened there even earlier).   And he also remember sometime in the later 90s, probably around 97 or 98, after he heard some edgy joke on TV, thinking, whoa, the trend line he'd thought things were going back in the early-90s, toward ever more political correctness, clearly hadn't happened.   And, as it turned out, the early-90s were a high water mark, at least until recently.   And so, he has hope, that the recent turn toward censorship and political correctness will likewise be rebuffed. 

We cannot, as a society, define free speech as only those things that the most sensitive among us are comfortable with hearing. 

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