Monday, August 28, 2017


** Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead **

Now the Season 7 is over, FLG is somewhat disappointed with how the season went.   It feels like they are getting bored with the whole thing and trying to tie up loose ends and finish the story as quickly as possible.

FLG wonders if he is alone with being seriously disappointed with how The Wall fell.   For seven seasons, we were told The Wall was 700 feet high and had old, powerful magic in its foundation.  The dead couldn't pass, the books, there is a plot thread about the mythical Horn of Winter, which can supposedly bring down The Wall.

But after all that The Wall falls in like 30 seconds.   Look, FLG gets it.  It was really cool visually.    And the Night King needed to get a dragon to come up North, kill it, reanimate it, then fly it to The Wall in order to blast it down with crazy blue dragonfire or ice or something.   That's a lot to do.   Okay, point conceded.

But come on...The Wall is huge and massive and ancient and the Night King goes through it like a hot knife through butter?    The Army of the Dead barely even slowed their march.   No battle, trickery, or strategery.  No nothing.   Just fly up, attack with a dragon, keep on going.     That was a lot of build up for almost nothing.   At no point, did anybody in the Night's Watch do a dragon threat assessment?

UPDATE:  Here's a comment from the show runners.

The Wall's kept these things out for 8,000 years, and there's no real reason that it can't keep doing that unless something puts a hole in the wall. There's one thing on the board from the beginning that is now big enough to do that, and that's a dragon. That just started to suggest itself as a logical way forward.

Still not quite satisfactory for FLG. 

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