Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ignorance or Malice?

FLG saw some people sharing and liking this image on Facebook:

FLG's immediate reaction was to ask himself some questions:  Do they just like the idea expressed in the quote and have no idea who Robespierre is?   If they do know who he is, then is the bloodbath he launched a feature or a bug in the message?  Have they seen the cartoon where is he using the guillotine to kill the executioner because there's nobody left alive in France for him to kill?

FLG's favorite quote by Robespierre, because it illustrates very clearly what he stood for, is:
La terreur n'est autre chose que la justice prompte, sévère, inflexible; elle est donc une émanation de la vertu ; elle est moins un principe particulier, qu’une conséquence du principe général de la démocratie, appliqué aux plus pressants besoins de la patrie.

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