Friday, July 14, 2017

FLG Gets It's The New Republic

...but when one writes a apoplectic piece about evil Republicans looking to reverse wage hikes and painting the Fight for $15 as a glorious, noble crusade, one loses all credibility when one doesn't even mention that, apparently, Seattle's path to $15 may have hurt workers.  FLG'd even be fine with a one sentence acknowledgement of the Seattle studies, which are certainly not open and shut cases on $15, that includes a quick dismissal.    But not including even a mention totally undermines the entire piece.

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Withywindle said...

Would you be most upset by 1) they didn't know about the study; 2) they didn't think it was important enough to mention ; or 3) they didn't mention it from sheer sophistical craft?

But I gotta say ... I remember Terribly Important Studies on the Effects of the Minimum Wage going back to circa 1990. No one ever pays attention except the Wonks--and then they go to the latest Terribly Important Study. I mean, They Are Wrong about the Minimum Wage, and They Ought To Pay Attention to This Latest Important Study, but whaddaya gonna do?

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