Sunday, February 12, 2017


Jesse Eisenberg is a gifted actor, for sure, but all of the movies he’s in, he’s basically the same guy: quirky, dorky, bookish Jesse Eisenberg. 

 FLG would like to take the liberty of rephrasing that statement:  Jesse Eisenberg is a gifted actor, for sure, but he has zero range.   Upon rephrasing, the incoherent nonsense reveals itself.   So, FLG asks, what the fuck exactly is your criteria for good acting?

Look, there are a bunch of actors who FLG enjoys watching, but aren't particularly good actors.   John Travolta, for example, isn't a good actor.   His talent, and to be honest it's a huge talent, is looking like he is having the most fun of his life on screen.   That feeling is infectious, and the audience, or at least FLG, comes away from John Travolta movies happier than he went in.  This is true, even when he's a bad guy.  But he's not a good actor.

Perhaps, for some people, watching a quirky, dorky, bookish Jesse Eisenberg on screen there's a John Travolta effect.   Definitely not true for FLG, it's almost the opposite.   Eisenberg's screen time is like nails on a chalkboard, no more so then his fucking horrible Lex Luthor, the worst part of a bad movie.

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Andrew Stevens said...

I think one can make a strong argument that screen presence, charisma, or ability to play one type marvelously is just as much a criterion for good acting as range. I.e. this argument would say that John Travolta is a good actor, albeit one with very limited range.

Is an actor with a lot of range, who can play a lot of different parts mediocrely, a good actor? Perhaps, but the guy who can play one part marvelously is more useful to a blockbuster movie, isn't he? (So long as you have a part he'll fit.) Of course, the man with the range would be more useful to a repertory company even though he's never going to knock anyone's socks off. And that man will also always be able to find work as a character actor. Travolta can really only ever be the lead. He's too attention-getting for a supporting part.

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