Thursday, January 26, 2017

Outrage Exhaustion

You’re probably seeing the best persuasion you will ever see from a new president. Instead of dribbling out one headline at a time, so the vultures and critics can focus their fire, Trump has flooded the playing field. You don’t know where to aim your outrage. He’s creating so many opportunities for disagreement that it’s mentally exhausting. Literally. He’s wearing down the critics, replacing their specific complaints with entire encyclopedias of complaints. And when Trump has created a hundred reasons to complain, do you know what impression will be left with the public?
He sure got a lot done.
Even if you don’t like it.
In only a few days, Trump has made us question what-the-hell every other president was doing during their first weeks in office. Were they even trying?

FLG was talking with his co-worker about this very topic the other day.   The media is so focused on all these secondary issues, like inauguration attendance, that they are putting far less attention on actual policy making.  The line of thinking seems to be, if Trump is so delusional and sensitive about rather insignificant things to the point where his press secretary is telling lies, then we need to focus on this because then nothing that comes out of the White House should be trusted.    Meanwhile, there's a ton of shit going on.  Executive Orders, etc.  Is it possible that Trump isn't as sensitive as most of us think he is, but rather he's just trolling the media with red herrings?   FLG thinks he probably is as sensitive, but in any case his reactions have beneficial consequences for him. 

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George Pal said...

Trump’s sensitivity has a half-life one-tenth the sensitivity of the MSM. They’re still stewing in the juices "grabbing pussy" could not bring to a roiling boil.

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