Sunday, January 22, 2017

Media Bias

FLG isn't a supporter of Milo Yiannopoulos, as his goal appears to be just to push buttons for button's pushing sake without true principle behind it.    FLG most objects to his frequent ad hominem attacks.  Although, very reluctantly, FLG will put Milo in the category of Larry Flint, which is to say a champion of free speech who benefits those who value free speech by defending the frontiers of free speech, even if they are obnoxious.   

FLG wouldn't be writing about this, except he thinks reporting on a recent Milo event where, unfortunately a person was shot, is an interesting example of media bias.  Two reports.  One by the LA Times and then another by the Seattle Times, which importantly the LA Times cites.

Here's how the LA Times describes the shooting:

A police official told the Seattle Times late Saturday that the man who fired the gun said he had fired in self-defense and that the man he shot was "some type of white supremacist.” The suspect was released without charges pending further investigation.
Here's the headline and the lede of that article:
Man shot at UW no racist, friends insist, despite shooter’s claim
 Police say the man who fired the gun Friday night at the University of Washington claimed he had been assaulted by the man he shot, and that he believed he was a white supremacist. Friends of the critically injured man, say he is no racist.
LA Times description:

On Friday, black-hooded protesters were shown in videos sparking assaults outside Kane Hall on campus. Police had blocked the entrance after scuffles broke out over the Breitbart editor’s sold-out appearance.

Seattle Times description:

At the UW, people began lining up for the Kane Hall speech, sponsored by the College Republicans, late Friday afternoon. The crowd began clashing about two hours later, when a group of people dressed in black showed up and forced its way to the front of the line.
Police formed a line outside to help ticket-holders get in, but protesters surrounded them. Several people were hit with paint, and officers dodged flying bricks.

Seattle Times also mentioned this, which the LA Times did not:
Once the speech ended, police told audience members to remove their Donald Trump hats and other gear before leaving. Officers escorted the crowd out through an underground parking garage as a crowd of about 250 people remained outside the building.

Clearly, the protestors were the ones who were violent.

But the LA Times did have space for this:
Yiannopoulos was banned by Twitter last January after he sent disparaging tweets about “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones, one of them referring to her as a “black dude.” The African American actress became the target of a flood of harassing tweets, some of them racist, and Twitter concluded that Yiannopoulos had violated its rules “prohibiting participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals.”
Yiannopoulos uses a derogatory term for gays in the title of his speaking tour, and his speeches intentionally push the envelope.
 “The thing I most hate about the left,” he said at one appearance, “is that they want to stop us laughing – to prescribe which jokes are OK and which are not OK to make in public and to draw artificial lines around certain subjects. I find all sorts of inappropriate things funny. Islam, tyrannies, AIDS. These are all innately hilarious things. Now and again I even enjoy a good rape joke — especially if I’m the butt of it.”

FLG isn't objecting to including this information about Milo.   He actually only really objects to the middle paragraph.   And not its inclusion, but leaving out a fact that FLG believes is material.  The title of Milo's speaking tour is the Dangerous Faggot Tour because Milo is gay and is the Dangerous Faggot.   This then puts that paragraph, and FLG would argue the following paragraph, in a different context.   Yet, the LA Times never mentions Milo's sexuality.

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