Sunday, January 29, 2017


Some Bernie Sanders supporting Facebook group is sharing this image saying that we need to remember history.

Full disclosure:  FLG doesn't support the recent Muslim ban temporary refugee restriction, nor the wall, is actually very concerned about Trump's approach to borders generally from tariffs to visas or border enforcement.

HOWEVER, you dumbfucks sharing this.   You learn the fucking history.   The Berlin Wall was to KEEP PEOPLE IN BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF A COMMUNIST HELL HOLE.  There is a clear, bright, material difference between a country not letting their people leave, which makes the country more or less a massive prison, and a country not letting people in, which is its sovereign right to control its borders (even if the current policies are shit).

The only way that meme makes sense is if one believes that borders shouldn't exist period, which if that's what you think, then say so.   Change to meme to: Why do we build walls to protect imaginary lines or some such nonesense and we can all laugh at you.

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