Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Has Everybody Lost Their Minds?

FLG voted for Hillary Clinton.   Trump was nowhere near his first choice.  However, as far as he can tell, Trump did whatever the fuck he does is immediately portrayed by the media as the worst thing since [insert Biggest Threat to Democracy or American Values since Hitler, Holocaust, or Japanese Internment].  This is then followed by even more hyperbolic meme on Facebook and social media.

Look, FLG gets it.   He's sure people on the Left were like, hey, what the fuck is wrong with everybody on the Right who thinks there are death panels in the Obamacare bill.  There are no death panels in the Obamacare bill.   And people on the Right were like, okay, but that's where this line of policies eventually leads.  So, yes, the slippery slope stuff, FLG gets.   But there is a whole bunch of crazy shit coming from normally sane people.

Or maybe FLG is just whistling past the graveyard here.  But he doesn't think so.   Trump's policies have been unwise and hamfistedly implemented, but don't rise to the level of a constitutional crisis or the end of America as we know it.  Maybe FLG will be proven wrong, and will become aware of the imminent mortal threat to everything this country holds dear too late.   But, jeez, right now, he wants everybody to take a fucking chill pill for a second and ask themselves if they really think, literally, Trump is the third anti-Christ.

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