Thursday, January 5, 2017

Collective Narcissism

FLG has been very interested in the political correctness gone bad/social justice warrior thing on campus.  The illiberalism of non-platforming conservative speakers combined with all sorts of jargon and terminology, which seems like a form of newspeak, concerns FLG.   And the more he dug into the what is happening on campus, he said to himself, this sounds like collective narcissism.  He literally used those words in thinking it through.

Anyway, today, FLG was reading Vox and came across this article:

How “collective narcissism” helps explain the election of Trump
“Collective narcissists do not have a sense of humor when their group is concerned,” a psychologist says

The examples provided were all focused on the right side of the political spectrum, and those do make FLG concerned about groups on the right as well, but the descriptions given could easily apply to the left-wing social justice folks just as easily:
Collective narcissists do not have a sense of humor when their group is concerned. Any [insult] could be convincing.
In a way, they are susceptible to any type of propaganda that upsets the in-group image.
Collective narcissists — [that is, people who score high on the collective narcissism scale] — support hostile and aggressive actions toward those who they see as threatening the exaggerated in-group image regardless of the costs of those actions.
Collective narcissists are exclusive in who they are willing to regard as compatriots. And they turn against those who express concern.

FLG will need to read the study because he's convinced collective narcissism is a phenomenon of increasing importance in the age of social media.

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