Sunday, December 18, 2016

Not Some Democratic Plot To Undermine Trump

The Russians really did hack the DNC and release the emails.   FLG has zero doubt about that.    Why they didn't isn't so objectively obvious.  FLG thinks the intention was multifaceted.

1) They're still pissed about learning how badly they were hacked from Snowden.   2) They view our public stance on cyber as hypocritical, since we hacked the shit out of them (See Point 1), and also likely developed and launched the first ever kinetic cyber weapon in conjunction with the Israelis.  (An aside:  FLG is convinced, in the future, Stuxnet will be viewed with a similar level of geopolitical import as Fat Man and Little Boy.)  If we can do it, then why not them?   3) They wanted to undermine the credibility of our election generally, and the way in which the DNC machine had thrown in for Hillary does speak to insiders putting their fingers on the scale.  4)  They'd prefer a President Trump.

It requires a response, but FLG agrees with Bob Gates that the best response is probably not a cyber one.

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