Thursday, December 8, 2016

Has It All Finally Gone Too Far On Campus?

FLG found this fascinating.   The director of the School of Social Work at a university in Toronto walked out of a talk being given by a black female speaker, and he was subsequently accused of committing a "violent act" of pretty much every -ism.   Protests, calls for his dismissal, etc, etc.  He stepped down as director, but is still at the school, which seems to be a problem for the protestors.

But here's the fascinating thing.   If you were to ask FLG what part of the faculty at any university is the most liberal, well, the School of Social Work would be pretty much at the tippy-top of that list. And here's how that faculty, the ones that have been teaching them about all this stuff they are upset about and protesting, looked when getting protested themselves:

Is that the look of shock and horror or even resignation that they've mind fucked their students and are appalled at what they've created?    FLG can only hope.

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