Wednesday, November 30, 2016

FLG's Annual Who Wants And Can Afford To Wear This Shit? List

FLG starts looking at stuff on Mr. Porter around now because after the holidays come huge markdowns.  He pays particular attention to the Charvet, Drakes, Inis MeainJ M Weston and Loro Piana sections.   In truth, even discounted almost all of those brand's stuff, although exquisite, is too much for FLG.

Anyway, while pursing the site, FLG always comes across items and wonders, often aloud, Who the fuck is the market for this stuff?   Rap artists?   Coked-up Investment Bankers?   WHO?!   FLG WANTS TO KNOW!

A $12,000 cocktail shaker shaped like an airplane.

$17k and change for an ice bucket.

Over $800 for a sweatshirt with two dogs fighting.  It's a sweatshirt.   It's made of cotton, not cashmere.   It's $800.

This one is twice that.

FLG is pretty sure Serpentor is the only possible buyer of this one.

These sneakers are nice, but $600 is crazy.

These are $700 and have a lion picture on them.

These are hideous and over a thousand.

These boots confused FLG.

A grand for a camo backpack.   Camo backpacks can be found for pretty cheap.   Heck, you can get one made of kevlar for less.

If you have $1k and the balls to wear these velvet shoes, well, FLG says -- RESPECT.

It's cashmere, but really?

WHO PAYS $1,100 FOR A NYLON AND CANVAS BACKPACK that looks like it is from the school section at CVS?!

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