Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Arrogant Designers

For those of you who don't know, they've been expanding the Metro here in Northern Virginia for years.   The new Silver Line will eventually run all the way to Dulles Airport.   One of the big issues discussed during the planning stage was whether to run the Metro underground or elevated through Tysons Corner.    Costs won out and while there is a section underground, it's mostly elevated.    To get from the Metro station to the Tyson Corner Shopping Center, one crosses an elevated bridge, which leads into an elevated courtyard between some newly developed buildings and the shopping center.    Which is a long intro into --- why are designers and architects so fucking arrogant?

Here's an aerial view of the courtyard. Pardon my rudimentary illustrations, but the red line leads off to the Metro Station.   The blue line indicates the path straight to the doors to the mall.   (I didn't extend it all the way.)    In between is a oval of grass.   Who the FUCK thought an oval of grass obstructing the shortest walking path was a good idea?  Oh, yeah the designer who probably thought walking around it would allow pedestrians to better appreciate the space, i.e. force them walk for longer through the space for longer than they otherwise would.   Guess what happened?    See the yellow circle.   People traipsed through the grass because it is IN THE FUCKING WAY!   So, what happens next?   They rail off the grass, forcing people to walk around.     No, no, no.   Put some paving stones down or some shit.    The arrogant designer fucked up.   This stuff happens far too often and its entirely predictable. End of rant.

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