Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quote of the day

James Poulos:
Populism can be powerful, but only when it's really popular.


2Stoics said...

I saw on my stats page that your blog linked to mine (2 Stoics Walked Into A Bar). I couldn't find where you referenced me, but good or bad I appreciate it. And let me say that I really enjoy your work. You're a very witty stylist. Reading this was time well spent.

Andrew Stevens said...

Trump's anti-NATO stance was obviously created just to swing you into his camp. Clearly you're going to need one of those red hats now.

FLG said...


Yes, his anti-NATO stance is clearly pandering to the FLG demographic. Unfortunately, it doesn't make up for the general douchebaggery of his style, platform, and campaign.

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