Friday, January 30, 2015

Not Another Degree

Every once and while, when FLG gets a bit bored, he starts pondering another degree.   For whatever reason, he thinks he doesn't know enough about international economics and finance.

There are two programs that FLG was looking at yesterday.  First, an MSc in Quantitative Finance from the University of London's external program.   Then, he started looking at the Master's in International Economics and Finance at SAIS.  And he realized something.  Something he has probably realized before, but he keeps forgetting --- with the exception of some of the more advanced technical statistical analysis courses, which he is mildly interested in, he's pretty much taken all of the available courses.

Here's the SAIS curriculum for example:
Macroeconomics - Done
Microeconomics - Done
Quantitative Methods I - Done
International Finance - Done
International Trade - Done
Quantitative Methods II - Probably done
Monte Carlo Simulation - No, would be mildly interesting
Quantitative Methods III: - Cross-Sectional Econometrics or Time Series Econometrics - No, would be mildly interesting

And there are the electives:
Advanced Topics in Trade Theory - Probably done some of this
Case Studies in International Finance - Done
Cost-Benefit Analysis  - Done
Credit Markets and Credit Risk - No, would be mildly interesting
Economic Development - Done
Financial Decision-Making - FLG thinks his MBA covered this.
Financial Derivatives - Done
Financial Regulation - Done
Game Theory - Done
Global Investment Management - Done, more or less
Global Macro Modeling - Nope, could be very interesting
Industrial Organization - Done
International Money and Banking - Done
Multinational Corporate Finance - Done
Regulation of International Financial Markets - Done
Topics in Growth and Development - Done

Anyway, so FLG was looking through this and thought to himself, "why do you keep thinking you need to learn more?   Maybe a PhD on the topic would allow you to dig deeper into this stuff, but would you even want to dig that deep?  You wanted to be an expert in international economics and finance.  Just admit you're there.  You've pretty much got expert level knowledge in this domain.  Accept it.   Why are you insecure about this?  Do you need another credential?   None of this makes any sense and it's not normal."

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