Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fashion Circle

Most people think of menswear, if they think of it at all, as a spectrum.  Crappy, cheap stuff on one end and designer, expensive stuff on the other.  FLG, on the other hand, thinks of it more as a circle where the super-high end stuff ends up wrapping around to be more expensive, but worse than the cheap stuff, if only because it costs 100x more than it should.   For example, pretty much everything Givenchy on Mr. Porter looks like it should be in the discount bin for five bucks at Target.

FLG first became aware of this when he saw an interview with Val Kilmer about The Saint.  He was very particular about this sweater, which he wanted to be one where you couldn't tell if the person wearing it was a bum or about to board his private jet.

FLG was reminded of this today when he saw this picture of Lapo Elkann on the Sartorialist.  Now, FLG thinks Elkann's suit is awesome in this case, but if you do a search for Lapo Elkann on Google Images, you can see that he perfectly embodies the circular nature between extraordinarily expensively elegant and wearing an outfit that costs thousands of dollars, but looks like you just fished it out of a dumpster only moments before.  

Then again, Tom Ford says he considers Elkann to be the best dressed man on the planet, so what the fuck does FLG know?

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