Friday, April 25, 2014

A Couple Of Things

Both dave.s and Withywindle have asked whether FLG still thinks NATO should be abolished in light of the recent Russia expansionism.  Short answer -- yes.

Longer answer --- In the short term, the existence of NATO seems to have benefit.  FLG believes that the existence of NATO, however, allows the Europeans to free ride off of the US for their security.   He believes that if NATO were abolished, then the EU could and would provide a similar protection for Eastern European countries.  And given that this was explicitly under the EU, it would necessitate the Europeans increasing their defense spending to provide for the collective security of the EU.   Moreover, as far as US involvement goes, there would be nothing precluding the US from sending some troops to Poland, etc, even in the absence of NATO.

So, to summarize, short term, it looks like NATO has value.  Long term, NATO is still a crutch for the Europeans and doesn't really have much usefulness.  

NATO delenda est.

On an entirely unrelated note, FLG was in a cab on the West Side Highway the other day when he saw a truck for Arethusa Farm & Dairy.


Withywindle said...

I continue to think that treaty architecture facilitates policy, turns inertia on our side; and that this is a significant counter-factor to your thesis. E.g., however little we've deployed our military to Poland and the Baltics, it's happened smoothly, I think because NATO.

I think you're right that the Europeans still free-load; but I also think it's possible that a disarmed Germany remains in our interest.

However, it's interesting to see these somewhat theoretical debates finally having practical application.

George Pal said...

Yes, we don’t need no stinkin’ NATO. It only serves as idol pretense.

After the Soviets and the Warsaw Pact went belly-up NATO not only did not disperse, it didn’t even stand down – it doubled down (politically), doubled up (size), and advanced on Russia. Napoleanism lives. Are Russian winters what they used to be? Is Moscow still made of timber? Have we planned our retreat? Is FUBAR finished as a legitimate judgment? Or are all things possible under NATO?

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