Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost In Translation

Walter Russel Mead:
democracy advocates can address one of the biggest fault lines in our allegedly flat world: People who don't read English or a handful of other languages live in a different information universe. John Locke, Edmund Burke, Thomas Macaulay, Montesquieu, Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin —the works of these thinkers need to be well-translated and widely available. People who read only Urdu, Burmese, Arabic or Punjabi need readily accessible editions (cheap print or Web-based) of important books in their own languages so that people beyond elite circles have access to the ideas and the histories that matter.

This idea appeals to FLG so strongly that he almost circles all the way around to complete and utter skepticism that it would ever work.  But damn does he love the idea.

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Withywindle said...

Not only is it a good idea, it's been done already.

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