Thursday, December 12, 2013

Something More

MSI writes:
Ok, so there is the objection to the "all philosophy is either Plato or Aristotle" thesis. It sank my ship too during exams.

FLG isn't disagreeing.  He concedes the point.  It's more that, once the question is asked, it's so obvious an objection that he doesn't fully trust it.  Machiavelli was clearly aware of Plato and Aristotle.  Consequently, FLG finds it highly unlikely that they wouldn't have had an influence on his thinking and one more so than the other.  There has to be some thread of it there somewhere.

FLG is sure that sounds contradictory  -- he concedes the point, but is convinced that there's some thread of it there somewhere.   It's more that the Plato versus Aristotle debate did not end with Machiavelli.  And he was aware of Plato and Aristotle and was at least partially influenced by the latter.  So, the question for FLG is how did Machiavelli steer the Plato versus Aristotle debate subsequently?

Now, that he thinks about it, he'll also have to reread some Bacon.  He explicitly mentions Aristotle and was undoubtedly influenced by Machiavelli.

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