Sunday, December 22, 2013

On Sale

FLG is keeping an eye on the Mr. Porter sale site for Charvet ties.  In previous years, they've gone lower after Christmans, so he's waiting it out.  Although, often his favorites are sold out while he waits.   So, he's a bit torn, but still holding firm.  (The Emma Willis ties are also very, very tempting, in particular, this cashmere one and this circle print one.)

While acknowledging that FLG's taste in ties is on the expensive side, the idea of paying almost a thousand dollars, on sale mind you, for a scarf makes him a bit nauseous.

And he hasn't bought it yet, but at $30 the pocket square with a pin up girl is pretty tempting.  Can't do the cufflinks though.

The Georgetown schoolboy scarf is on sale at J Press, as is the needlepoint Jolly Roger wallet that FLG will never buy.

Not on sale, or even in stock, but still pretty cool, is this map pocket square.


The Ancient said...

FYI: I saw quite a few Charvet shirts and ties on sale at the local Neiman-Marcus stores.

FLG said...

Thanks. I was planning on swinging by the both the Neiman Marcus out in Tysons and the outlet down in Potomac Mills after the holidays.

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