Friday, November 15, 2013

FLG the Expert

FLG was in an advanced finance and banking training course a couple of weeks ago when he realized something that feels weird-- he's an expert on the international financial system and banking.

It's not that he knows everything. Who does?   But he was in that course with people whom he considers to be experts on banking and finance and FLG was totally up to speed and able to predict where the conversation was going to go next.  Moreover, FLG realized during the Coursera course he recently took on internationalization of the renminbi that he knew probably 90% of the content.  The new stuff was rather esoteric, for example, how offshore renminbi settlement works in Hong Kong.

FLG first decided to learn about the international financial system about ten years ago, and the idea of becoming an expert was never in his mind.  But he went back counted how many university courses related to international finance, banking, and trade he's taken over those years, and it's more than 20.   (This count omits general economics courses.)  He's read dozens of books and countless articles on the topic.

This realization is a shock.  He was even half toying with the idea of studying for another degree in a few years, either part-time or online, tailored specifically on the international financial system, under the assumption that he had more to learn about the international financial system.  But now he realizes he probably knows about as much as any university courses are going to teach him.  The only place he could learn more would be to do a PhD, and even then he thinks he would only earn more mathematically advanced theory of what he more or less already knows.


Withywindle said...

You really want to be Thomas Crowne, don't you?

FLG said...

Not so keen on Crown's grand larceny.

But being rich enough that stealing millions or priceless piece of art could be a hobby would be nice. However, I'd probably just buy a fucking island, drink rum, and smoke Cuban cigars all day.

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