Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Conversation In Futility

Miss FLG Maior:  Daddy, can we have a lemonade stand?

FLG:  Sure, but not until it gets warm again.

Miss FLG Maior:  In the summer?

FLG:  Right.

Miss FLG Maior:  I'm going to charge five cents for the lemonade.

FLG:  That seems a little low.  You might want to charge a bit more.  How about fifty cents?

Miss FLG Maior:  BUT DADDY, that's what Lucy charges Charlie Brown!

FLG:  Well, sweetie, that show is from a long time ago.  Five cents isn't what is used to be.

Miss FLG Maior:  But it's five cents!

FLG:  Yes, but there's this thing called inflation.

Miss FLG Maior:  What's inflation?

FLG:  After a time, money isn't worth what it used to be.

Miss FLG Maior:  But mummies last a really long time.

FLG:  Not mummies, money.

Miss FLG Maior:  I thought you said mummies!

FLG:  No, money isn't worth what is used to be.

Miss FLG Maior:  But it's five cents.  Five is five.

FLG:  Yeah, but it doesn't quite work that way.

Miss FLG Maior:  You aren't making sense, Daddy.

FLG:  You sound like Aristotle.

Miss FLG Maior:  Who is that?

FLG:  Nevermind.

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