Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Are You Asking Them?

FLG saw an article yesterday that said that a poll of economists put the changes of failing to reach a debt ceiling agreement before default at some low percentage.  He forgets the number exactly.

And there's a reason he forgot the number.   A potential default would have financial and economic consequences, but the process for reaching an agreement on the debt ceiling is a political one.  In what world are economists experts on the intricacies of current political issues and wrangling?   Who the fuck cares what economists think on that point?  Might as well have asked movie theater attendants or heart surgeons or professional gamblers.

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George Pal said...

In what world?

In the world of the NY Times for one; in the world it has made into a multiverse. Krugman, Brooks (not an 'economist' but just as loathsome), and Friedman would have anyone who would read it believe they are preternaturally gifted to detect what is not evident materially, spiritually, or in the abstract in any universe or dimension but exists in the one of they have created and revolves around them.

FLG seems to be stuck in the old paradigm – not a bad place to be.

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