Sunday, October 6, 2013

Haberdasheral Question

FLG peruses Mr. Porter about once a month.  This is primarily because of his weakness for Charvet ties. Not that FLG buys a tie each month, but he does look.

Now, FLG fully realizes that a price north of $200 for a tie is downright crazy for some people.  Here's the thing though, while not all of them are to FLG's taste, the vast majority of Charvet ties are aesthetically pleasing.  Likewise, if he won the lottery, then he'd be buying a bunch of Loro Piana stuff.  And these George Cleverley and John Lobb shoes cost a fucking fortune, but are fucking gorgeous.  In these cases, FLG can understand asking whether the stuff is worth the price, but it's all classy, nice stuff.

But a lot of this high-end designer shit, FLG just does not get:
$1,100 for moonboot looking sneakers?
$600 baggy sweatpants?
$1000 boots that look like they've been dipped in acid?
$2300 for boots that FLG can't even describe?
$765 T-shirt with a picture of a dog on it?
$330 for one with a lobster?

Who buys this shit?  Rappers and rockstars?  FLG really wants to know who is willing and able to pay for these things.


The Maximum Leader said...

You strike me as the $300 cashmere baseball cap type...

FLG said...

That's in the nice, but wouldn't pay that much even if I had a gazillion dollars category.

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