Monday, October 7, 2013

Discourses On Livy

Out of the blue on the metro today, FLG decided that he'd feel a bit better about the Ted Cruz wing of the party if they had read the first few chapters of Book III of Discourses on Livy.  FLG is on his phone, so you'll need to find the link on your own. But in order, titles paraphrased:
It is necessary to return a republic to its principles
It is sometimes wise to feign madness
Newly acquired liberty required the deaths of the sons of Brutus


Withywindle said...

If they had (assuming they haven't), what would they do differently?

FLG said...

Withy, I'm not quite sure. If I thought they'd read it, then they'd have an end game, but act like they don't, which is a self-evidently dangerous strategy but not an irrational one. If they haven't, and I think they haven't, then they are just going into this with no end game.

I guess what really scares me is that Ted Cruz, whose personal character downright frightens me, is playing an extremely reckless gambit and I can't tell if its Boehner or the entire country's economy that is the pawn, in his game to get into the White House.

Withywindle said...

It would be interesting to get inside the Cruz Inner Council, to figure out if they're just as demagogical as they seem to be from the outside. Extremism in the defense of liberty, I don't mind; a hollow simulation thereof in service of naked ambition would be less pleasant.

Allan Bloom said...


I just came across your blog today, and really do enjoy it!

Are you, by chance, a Straussian? The Machiavelli reference had me-a-thinkin'!

And I ask this as a fellow student of political philosophy!

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