Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Current Reading

While it's been on his current reading list for years, FLG is finally just getting around to reading, rather than just skimming, The Black Swan.  He wishes he'd done so earlier.

Only issue FLG has so far is that Taleb has a serious hate on for Plato, whom he sets up as the antithesis of empiricism.  As regular readers will probably remember, FLG has a somewhat unorthodox reading of and a special place in his heart for Plato.  Oddly, at least in FLG's eyes, is that Taleb has some complimentary things to say about Cicero, who FLG would argue was strongly influenced by Plato.


Jacob T. Levy said...

That Cicero was strongly influenced by Plato (or at least by Hellenistic neo-Platonism) is entirely compatible with admiring Cicero but not Plato. Cicero added other elements to the mix and got a new compound.

Barabbas Gethsemane said...
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Andrew Stevens said...

Cicero was surely much more influenced by the Stoics than by Plato. I could have sworn, for example, that Cicero rejected Plato's Theory of Forms. And, if I remember correctly, Cicero's criticism of Plato was largely on empiricist grounds, so Taleb's admiration of Cicero and his critique of Plato would dovetail nicely.

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