Friday, September 6, 2013


Something people who don't live in Washington might not know is that pretty much every day there is a protest in front of the White House.  They have loud speakers and address there grievances to President Obama, even if everybody knows he's out of the country at the time.  Not to mention that, even if he was there, the Oval Office is on the other side of the building entirely.

If these people got press coverage, then FLG'd understand.  But they never do.  It's not news if it happens every single day.  Instead, it's a therapeutic activity for the participants.  To be completely honest, FLG pretty much feels that way about almost all protesting, but it is especially clear when the person to whom one is trying to address their grievances has no chance of hearing.

If FLG were a dictator he'd keep this in mind.  Let people protest.  If it happens everyday, then the news doesn't cover it, so no real political harm done.  And as far as FLG can tell from the endless stream protesters in front of the White House (or the incessant protests in Paris for that matter) for a lot of people getting outside with a placard and yelling for a few hours about whatever it is that they are upset about is sufficient.  They said their piece and go home.  No subversive plotting.


George Pal said...

Protesting is copasetic; it's the voting that fucks everything up.

Withywindle said...

But it also serves as private motivation for a group--keeping up cohesion and morale and interest, being videotaped protesting for publicity and fundraising, etc. Possibly it is just open-air therapy, but I can see it forwarding the long-term interests of protesting groups, and possibly thus affecting policy.

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