Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jawdroppingly Incompetent

FLG is shocked by the President's incompetence and ham-handed handling of the Syria situation.  Look, FLG gets that this is a tricky situation, what with many of the rebels being the worst of two evils, but that's what happen in foreign affairs.  So, not really an excuse.   

It just looks so bad when the POTUS draws a red line and then when one institution after another backs away from supporting him, he goes to the institution that he himself as called dysfunctional for approval.  As a supporter of checks and balances in the Constitution, FLG is happy about this, but you engage Congress way earlier if you want to engage them in foreign policy.  Moreover, it should be part of the overall foreign policy strategy, not some one-off where, after all the prettier girls have said they don't want to dance you ask the homely girl in the corner.

As far as FLG is concerned, Obama is now a lame duck.  Certainly in foreign policy, but perhaps even in domestic affairs as well.

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