Sunday, September 22, 2013


FLG is doing Coursera again.

He likes watching the videos, but isn't too keen on the quiz and work aspect.  Since he's not getting a grade or credit, he's not really into having to do assignments.  Obviously, if he'd done more of the assigned work in his financial engineering course, then he'd probably have an even better grasp.  But, again, since he's not going for grade or to be a financial engineer, no big deal.  He picked up a goodly amount.

That said, when FLG heard in the first lecture (in a pre-course preparatory week, mind you), that he, apparently, already should know how to do all sorts of stochastic algebra in discrete time, and so the professor's goal was merely to shift to continuous time, he figures he might want to put a bit more effort in to this Asset Pricing course.

He is thinking that he might be better off dropping that one and focus more on Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance.  And then tackle Asset Pricing.  Although, it probably wouldn't help a ton.

FLG has also signed up for The Role of the Renminbi in the International Monetary System, which looks way less intense but is still a fascinating topic.

He's also signed up for Was Alexander Great?, which starts in January.  Seriously, how could he not sign up for that one? 


The Maximum Leader said...

Your course load is a lot more ambitious than my Intro to Accounting...

FLG said...

I'll tell ya what, I'd rather take a PhD finance course than Intro to Accounting. Hate, hate, hate accounting.

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