Friday, September 20, 2013

Apologies And A Quick Round-Up

FLG apologizes for not mentioning international talk like a pirate day yesterday.

To be honest, he's been a bit busy with his new job and the Misses FLGs, and blogging (and reading blogs for that matter) have taken a bit of a back seat.  Nevertheless, here are a few things:

1) FLG has noticed that he doesn't really need background info or footnotes as much as he did before when reading about ancient history.  For example, while rereading Cicero recently, when he refers to the philosopher, FLG knew from context it was Plato.  Didn't need the footnote.  Likewise, at a couple of points in Gibbon, FLG knew he was referring to Phillip II of Macedon and Alexander as clear as day.   He thinks this means that he's finally getting to the point where he'd always wanted to be, at least vis-a-vis knowledge of the ancients.

2) Look, FLG knows the people over at Wonkblog have some serious Obama love on, but holy fucking shit this was too much:
The more positive spin [for Obama's massive fucking mistakes on Syria and also letting Larry Summer twist in the wind] is that Obama is avoiding a common second-term trap. One problem with the rules around the presidency is that two-term presidents can quickly lose touch with the voters, as they don't have the threat of reelection forcing them to consider public opinion. Obama, however, is choosing, unusually, to create space for public opinion (as channeled through Congress) to enter the process, and he's actually redirecting policy because of it. That's not a lack of leadership. It's change we can believe in.

3) FLG was talking with a former customs agent the other day.  In response to the question, "what was the weirdest thing you caught somebody smuggling into the country?" the former agent said, completely unprompted by FLG mind you, "Hands down...a bunch of pictures a guy had of people having sex with inanimate objects."    "Really?" FLG asked.  "Seems like there'd be way weirder things than that. And is that even ilegal?"   "Oh, there were more disgusting images, videos, etc.  At some level, you just can't help but be revolted by people with tons of images of people shitting on each other.  They're sick fucks and you try to unsee it.  The inanimate objects stuff wasn't revolting, really, more like -- that's fucking weird --what the fuck is wrong with you?    I don't think we charged him with anything, just shook our heads in disbelief."

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Anonymous said...

The Wonkers are - it's the emperor's new clothes, and some people are quicker than others in noticing he is buck naked.

My own view is that Obama is Carter without the charisma. But, ymmd.


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