Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Conversation

FLG's coworker:  That was a good meeting.

FLG:  Sure, great guy.

Coworker:  I really liked the part where he explained why his group was being formed.

FLG:  He did?

Coworker:  Yes, at the very beginning.

FLG:  Oh, I must have missed that part.  I was trying to reconcile myself with his suit jacket being two sizes too big.

Coworker:  That distracted you?

FLG:  Yeah, I kept thinking of David Byrne.  He wore those huge suits.  Made his head look shrunken.  You know, Cary Grant used the same principle, although far less exaggerated, to balance out his rather large head.

Coworker:  I never knew he had a large head.

FLG:  Exactly.  But if you look closely at his jackets, his head is a bit large and the shoulders are a little extended.


Robbo the Port Swiller said...

Here ya go:

FLG said...

Thanks, Robbo!

I was thinking more of this though:,,20621374_21200315,00.html

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