Monday, May 6, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering

Yes, FLG is excited about this:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FLG's Fitness

FLG was thinking about his fitness regimen the other day.  A little over a year ago, he began Insanity.  He did that twice through.  Never followed the diet, but still lost 20 pounds.  Ever since he's been in much better cardiovascular shape.   In fact, his cardio fitness is probably close to when FLG played lacrosse and football in high school.  His weight did go back up a bit again, however.

Over time, just to mix it up, FLG began doing some other things - kettlebells, etc.  A few months ago, he decided that since he was so happy with Insanity and wanted at least a little bit of strength training that he'd just pony up the cash and buy P90X.    He's on day 60 of the 90 and happy with the results so far.  Although, he swaps out the P90X cardio workouts for Insanity ones because the P90X ones are kinda boring compared to Insanity.

Ok, so two programs that's he's happy with.  FLG does have an issue.  Some people have a problem with the cost.  They argue you don't have to pay $130-140 just to do pullups and pushups in your house, which is true but FLG likes being pushed even if it's just by some guy on the DVD.  Moreover, since he used Insanity for over a year, he feels like he has more than gotten his money worth.

So, the issue isn't the cost, it's the multilevel marketing business model Beachbody has.  Look, the infomercials are sorta shady enough.   Add in the so-called "coaches" to sell you shit, and FLG is supercreeped out.  From a business perspective, it's clearly working for the company and they do make some great workout programs.  If it weren't for the business model, FLG thinks he'd love the company.

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