Friday, November 2, 2012

Why FLG Is Voting For Romney

Withywindle and Andrew both asked why FLG switched his position and decided to vote for Romney, whom FLG has referred to on numerous occasions as the Plastic Presidential Superhero.

Obama lost FLG's vote back when Obamacare / The Affordable Care Act was passed.  For FLG the actual content of the law, although he has problems with that too, is almost irrelevant; instead, it is the manner in which it got slammed through with parliamentary shenanigans in the face of widespread public skepticism.

 So, the choice facing FLG was to abstain from voting in the presidential election, vote third party, or go with Romney.   Right up until the first debate, FLG was solidly in the abstain category.   He's got problems with Obama, but on the other hand he doesn't think the man is a complete and utter disaster.

Something happened in that first debate that changed FLG's mind.  As Jay-Z might say, Romney got his swagger back.  But it's not so much Romney doing well as FLG saw in Obama a sort of presidential ennui combined with a glaring assumption that his policies aren't just correct, but self-evidently so.   It a couple more debates for FLG to determine that first one wasn't just some one-off.  FLG gave Obama a chance with his 2008 vote, but after really thinking about it, FLG decided that his Obama vote was a mistake.  FLG had hoped that Obama would be a reasonable and pragmatic leader, and in the president's mind he probably is, the trouble is that his default, gut reaction to things is, unsurprisingly, a liberal one.  As FLG was thinking about all this, he realized that his perception of Obama as seeing his administration's policies as self-evidently correct dovetails with a post FLG wrote a few years ago in response to a comment by Ezra Klein.

A lot of conservatives believe, I think, that their philosophical preference for small government is counterbalanced by other people's philosophical preference for big government. But that's not true: Their philosophical preference for small government is counterbalanced by other people's practical preference for larger government in certain areas where it seems to make sense.
Ultimately, FLG realized he may never be able to convince himself to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate again.  The logic of -- There is a current problem. The government has the ability to address the problem presently.  Therefore, the government should address the problem (and stop wasting time talking about potential unintended and long-term consequences with abstract sounding names like moral hazard.) -- is just too powerful.  Moreover, the self-conception of liberals as being rational, logical, scientific, and, most of all, practical only exacerbates the issue because objections based upon potential, longer-term consequences are often dismissed as irrational, illogical, unscientific, and ideological.

In the end, FLG's Romney vote is about 25% for Romney and 75% against Obama.


Withywindle said...

Thanks for the explanation; glad to read it spelled out.

Anonymous said...

"doesn't think the man is a complete and utter disaster."

The man is the personification, embodiment, incarnation, paragon, quintessence, of narcissism.

The man, the public man is in every instance a misrepresentation of the private man.

The man's animosities against whites, Christians, Britain, Europe, Western Civ, and the first World are palpable.

The man is reprehensibly immoral. His opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act was creepy, not just creepy-creepy but Mengele creepy.

Should FLG ever come across someone who fits his own requirements of 'a complete and utter disaster' I should like to be notified. I'll pay for the heads-up.

George Pal

Anonymous said...


Harry Reid is a complete and utter disaster.

To make your Romney vote count the Senate box needs to be checked R too.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

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