Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting And Helicopters

FLG was at his local polling place when they opened at 6 this morning.  There was already a long line.  Took him about 45 minutes to vote.

On a completely unrelated note, every once and while FLG recognizes one things that makes the DC area different -- helicopters.  FLG will be driving across the Key Bridge and see tourists gawk at helicopters flying very low overhead.  At this point, FLG barely even notices.  Military helicopters fly up and down the Potomac so often it's no big deal.   It's like a helicopter freeway.

One doesn't really see or notice helicopters all that much in other places.  FLG guesses that there are probably a goodly mount in NYC, and perhaps the buildings are so high that it's difficult to notice. 


The Ancient said...

I vote in the country, and this year the polling place was changed to a fairly remote site. I drove three miles, mostly down a single lane road that twisted and turned through the hills. But when I got there, I only had to wait a minute or two for the ballot -- that's it.

So much more civilized than DC, with the added satisfaction that my vote actually counts.

P.S. I noticed that the ballot included a proposed amendment to the state constitution which would prevent the exercise of eminent domain for the sort of purposes approved by the SC in Kelo v. New London. (In other words, it's an affirmation of private property rights against the designs of the state.)

FLG said...

I voted in favor of that measure. Interestingly, the Democratic sample ballot included a No vote on that provision.

Flavia said...

My parents live in northern San Diego county, near Camp Pendleton and not too far from Miramar. LOTS of copters.

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