Thursday, November 8, 2012


FLG is fine with the results in the Presidential election.  While he wishes Romney had won, he is okay with President Obama.  Sure, Obama's instincts are a little too far left for FLG's taste, but he believes the President is trying to do the right thing.  FLG is surprised that virtually all the swing states went Obama's way.  

HOWEVER, FLG is beside himself, apoplectic even, over the Massachusetts Senate race.  Fucking Elizabeth Warren?  There is no politician in America that FLG cannot stand more than Elizabeth Warren.  Okay, maybe Harry Reid.  But Warren will undoubtedly overtake him shortly. 

Hopefully, somebody decides the best thing to do is to put her on some Fish and Wildlife committee or something. Somewhere where she can't do too much damage.  Anything but the Finance, Banking, or Agriculture committees.   (For those of you who don't know, derivatives originated to manage agriculture price fluctuations.  Thus, the main market for them is based in Chicago and the Agriculture committee has jurisdiction over them.  Well, at least the ag related ones.)

Of course, because the people of Massachusetts have decided to torture FLG, Warren will inevitably be appointed to the Consumer Protection subcommittee.  And for the next six years, FLG will have to keep all sharp objects away from himself whenever CSPAN is on.


arethusa said...

Then if this comes to pass (the Ancient alerted me), you will be just tickled pink.

Anonymous said...

"but he believes the President is trying to do the right thing."

FLG -you know I love you. You have a lovely wife and family. You're bright -really bright - obnoxious in the way I adore and because I'm old enough to recall -under Ronald Reagan the world would've been yours.

Please explain your understanding of "trying to do the right thing" and yes, connect the dots to Ambassador Stevens and his 3 colleagues in trying to do the right thing because right now we know for a fact the right thing wasn't done.

One of them left 2 children behind -close to your daughter's ages.

Mrs. P

FLG said...


Halloween is over, stop trying to scare me.

Mrs. P:

My take on the Stevens thing was that at first the administration's analysis was wrong because of their inherent biases. There's lots of information coming in and they processed it incorrectly, which at least at in the early stages of something like that is understandable.

Why they are still so mum, well, the cynic in me says that their plan was to delay after the election on coming clean. Overall though, Obama's handling of foreign affairs hasn't been all that bad.

It's not my ideal, but it's not outside the bounds of what I consider reasonable.

Anonymous said...

"at first the administration's analysis was wrong because of their inherent biases."

What do you mean by the administration's analysis?

The blaming the video no one saw - especially anyone in Benghazi or not really seeing/dealing with the growing threat on the ground in Benghazi in the 5 months prior to the attack?

The answer to that will probably tell me what you think the administration's "inherent biases" are.

"Why they are still so mum"

They haven't been/aren't mum. They just aren't telling us what really happened. They do know what happened. Patraeus especially, not that he'll say anything or his mistress gets 20 years in the slammer for broadcasting classified information. The Administration, and the CIA, not State or FBI have blamed a video and that guy is in jail for a year for some other crime that was deemed unimportant by his local law officials until September 11. Then for reasons that make zero sense unless you're trying to create a paper trail on a red herring, Obama and Hillary made a commercial for Pakistan tv denouncing the film which no one there saw:

Obama then blamed the video at the U.N - don't think any of those folks there saw the video and then there was U.N ambassador Susan Rice who went -at the request of Obama - as he let slip yesterday when he went off teleprompter to all 5 Sunday shows to blame the video.

(Of course I may be wrong --when Obama says "at the request of the White House" he may not have meant himself)

And she's expected to get Hillary's job. A woman who had nothing to do with Benghazi, who was given false intelligence information by the white House and then spread it across 5 Sunday shows. If you have a problem with her, Obama said, come after him. Don't you find his old fashion chivalry endearing?

This is not keeping mum. This is some else. People are trying to get to the bottom of it and they will be accused of/written off as merely trying to overturn an election.

"Obama's handling of foreign affairs hasn't been all that bad."

3 words - The Arab Spring.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

RE: Elizabeth Warren from yesterday's Boston Globe:

"As Elizabeth Warren walked through the marble corridors of the Capitol on Tuesday, she tried assiduously to keep a low profile. Walking arm in arm with Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Warren passed paintings of historic politicians, busts of former vice presidents, and the doors to the Senate floor they will enter once sworn in.

"A small gaggle of reporters awaited one of the rising stars in Washington, and Warren knew it. She leaned into Baldwin and was overheard saying, 'Pretend you’re talking to me.'

"She answered no questions, and strolled into a luncheon as reporters from the biggest news organizations in the country scolded themselves for not getting more information."

Her approach for dealing with a friendly press are more akin to Pine Manor co-ed (or Pine Mattress as it was known by Harvard boys) than a professor of law at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country.

The alumni of Harvard need seize this historic moment and take up the petition demanding for a statute of Elizabeth Warren to be erected in the Halls of Congress in recognition of her being the first Native American female senator.

Mrs. P

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