Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Conversation

FLG's Boss (to a coworker):  I'm going need you to go over there again.  There was some misunderstanding.

FLG's Coworker:  Ugh.  I spent so much time in that meeting.

FLG's Boss:  Sorry, it has to be done.

FLG:  Henry V, Act III would've sounded so much better.

FLG's Boss:  What?

FLG:  Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.  I'm not picking up even a flicker of recognition.

FLG's Boss:  I gotta say, that's almost as pretentious as when you said I was the loser from that war from Ancient Rome or something.

FLG:  Not Ancient Rome.  It was the Titanomachy.  And at that time I said it was too soon to tell if you were Zeus or Cronus.

FLG's Boss:  Too soon then, but what would you say now.

FLG:  Oh, definitely Cronus.

FLG's  Boss:  He lost, right?

FLG:  Yes.  Yes, he did.

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