Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quotes of the Day

We wanted to leave, we don't like the politics of the US, the Patriot Act, the propaganda from the mass media and the misinformation. Here is a safe place, safe for a nuclear war.
I don't want to live in the US anymore. Obama ruins the country. Now I have my monkey, Cindy.

 FLG has always put a Central American retirement on the list of options to consider, but apparently it draws wackos.


Anonymous said...

Proving downsides are most always more numerous than upsides and for every action there is a reaction. Just because you let Mexicans in doesn't mean you get to let Californians out.

George Pal

J. Otto Pohl said...

Not on topic, but pirates have attacked a Greek oil tanker off the coast of Togo just to the east of Ghana.

FLG said...

That's a long way the for the pirates to travel.

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