Thursday, July 5, 2012


FLG was reading WWTDD when he came across this post:
Everyone agrees that Tom Cruise is a member of a scary cult that takes advantage of people, and that’s very bad, but his new movie is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who wrote ‘the Usual Suspects’ and wrote and directed ‘The Way of the Gun’, which is THE SINGLE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. So if Tom Cruise is what it takes to get a new Christopher McQuarrie movie than he could be in the fucking Manson Family for all I care.

As FLG has mentioned before, he's a big fan of The Way of the Gun.  Single best movie ever?  Dunno about that, but it's really good.

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The Ancient said...

I'm not really a fan, but the opening scene with Sarah Silverman is pretty funny.

(If I were Joe Franklin, it would probably be my screensaver on a continuous loop.)

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