Sunday, July 1, 2012

Insanity Update

FLG is still doing Insanity.  He's halfway through his second 63 days.  Well, a little more than half.  He actually gain a couple of pounds since he finished his first round, going from 205 up to 208, but he is back down to 206.5.  Given that the workouts are going to get a lot harder tomorrow, he figures he should end this round under 200.   Most of the problem is diet, not exercise.

FLG also got a heart rate monitor because he wasn't sure how well he was working out and how many calories he was burning.  Turns out, FLG is busting it.  220 minus his age (34) makes his maximum heart rate 186.  In fact, his max heart rate is usually 187 or 188.  During the circuits his heart rate stays shoots up to above 90% (~167) and stays there the entire time.   So, he is bustin' it.

If FLG's heart rate monitor's calorie calculator is to be believed, then the claim that you can burn up to a thousand calories during a workout isn't complete bullshit.  He's been tallying ~950.  He might top 1,000 during the longer workouts coming up.

Another thing that shocked FLG -- he wanted to take a break from doing the videos and decided to run on the treadmill.   He figured he'd jog at a decent pace and then crank up the speed to get his heart rate up to above 90%.  Trouble is that FLG cranked the speed up to 10 and his heart rate didn't get about 140.  His legs were tired because he wasn't exactly used to that motion and speed, but his cardiovascular system was just humming along with no problems.   It was pretty cool, but now he needs to find a treadmill that goes up to 11 because, of course, that would be one faster.

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