Monday, July 16, 2012

Cool Cufflinks

FLG was perusing Neiman Marcus' cufflinks and there are some pretty cool ones:
James Bond
Skull & Crossbones
Crawling Superman Spiderman

Of the non-novelty, FLG thinks he likes these best.

Although, if FLG is going to buy another set of cufflinks, then it will be some Alexander as Zeus Amon coin cufflinks.

Speaking of shopping, FLG was at J Crew's Factory Store the other day, and some of the shirts had a label that loudly proclaimed they were two-fold 80s.  If you want to advertise that your shirts are two-fold 100 poplin, then FLG would accept that.  But two-fold 80s?  Not so much.  That's like McDonald's having a huge sign up advertising they don't have rats.


Anonymous said...

Superman don't crawl.

FLG said...


cuff links said...

I love the style of wearing cuff links.It enhance the personality and show an elegant look.

Anonymous said...

Our Shirts are Not Shoddy! dave.s.

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