Monday, July 30, 2012

Thom Versus Tom

Two months (hey, FLG has been very busy), The Ancient wrote:
Now I'm a cranky sort of fellow, but it seems to me that Tom Ford has a lot to answer for.

FLG must protest.  If anybody has something to answer for, then it's Thom Browne.

His trousers are ridiculous, and FLG laments the influence that cut has had on menswear generally.  And then there's shit like this that renders FLG's quite colorful vocabulary utterly insufficient.

 On the other hand, FLG is rather fond of Tom Ford's penchant for 1970s-esque wide, peaked lapels.  They're a touch too wide for FLG's taste, but nowhere near as ridiculous as Thom Browne's stuff.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Quote Of The Day

You go get the beer, I am going to manhandle this corn.

Cool Cufflinks

FLG was perusing Neiman Marcus' cufflinks and there are some pretty cool ones:
James Bond
Skull & Crossbones
Crawling Superman Spiderman

Of the non-novelty, FLG thinks he likes these best.

Although, if FLG is going to buy another set of cufflinks, then it will be some Alexander as Zeus Amon coin cufflinks.

Speaking of shopping, FLG was at J Crew's Factory Store the other day, and some of the shirts had a label that loudly proclaimed they were two-fold 80s.  If you want to advertise that your shirts are two-fold 100 poplin, then FLG would accept that.  But two-fold 80s?  Not so much.  That's like McDonald's having a huge sign up advertising they don't have rats.

Friday, July 13, 2012

FLG is currently listening to

By the by, FLG had no idea the video was so fucking weird.

A Conversation

Miss FLG Maior:  My foot hurts!

FLG:  Where?

Miss FLG Maior:  Right here.

FLG:  Your ankle?

Miss FLG Maior:  No, here.

FLG:  Your Achilles tendon?

Miss FLG Maior:  Yes, my Achilles tendon.

FLG:  Do you even know who Achilles is?

Miss FLG Maior:  Who is he?

FLG: He was a hero a long time ago.

Miss FLG Maior:  A superhero?!

FLG:  Sorta.  His mother dipped him in the river Styx to make him invincible.  All except his heel.

Miss FLG Maior:  What did he look like?

FLG:  Amazingly, he looked exactly like Brad Pitt.

Miss FLG Maior:  Who is Brad Pitt?

FLG:  God bless your little heart.

Friday, July 6, 2012

FLG is currently listening to

It's Method Man time...

The Miss FLGs Looking Patriotic

Thursday, July 5, 2012


FLG was reading WWTDD when he came across this post:
Everyone agrees that Tom Cruise is a member of a scary cult that takes advantage of people, and that’s very bad, but his new movie is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who wrote ‘the Usual Suspects’ and wrote and directed ‘The Way of the Gun’, which is THE SINGLE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. So if Tom Cruise is what it takes to get a new Christopher McQuarrie movie than he could be in the fucking Manson Family for all I care.

As FLG has mentioned before, he's a big fan of The Way of the Gun.  Single best movie ever?  Dunno about that, but it's really good.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Insanity Update

According to FLG's heart rate monitor, he burned 1222 calories in 59 minutes during the first longer, more difficult workouts.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Conversation

Miss FLG Maior:  I need syrup for my waffles.

FLG:  Oh, okay.  Here you go.

Miss FLG Maior:  No, not that syrup.

FLG:  What do you mean?  This is real maple syrup.  It's delicious.

Miss FLG Maior:  No, girl syrup!

FLG:   Huh?

Miss FLG Maior:  That one there!

FLG:  The Aunt Jemima lite?

Miss FLG Maior:  Yes.

FLG:  Is that girl syrup because it has a picture of a lady on it?

Miss FLG Maior:  No, because that's the syrup girls eat.

FLG:  I see.  Maybe they should make the bottles pink then.

Miss FLG Maior:  Kewl!

Insanity Update

FLG is still doing Insanity.  He's halfway through his second 63 days.  Well, a little more than half.  He actually gain a couple of pounds since he finished his first round, going from 205 up to 208, but he is back down to 206.5.  Given that the workouts are going to get a lot harder tomorrow, he figures he should end this round under 200.   Most of the problem is diet, not exercise.

FLG also got a heart rate monitor because he wasn't sure how well he was working out and how many calories he was burning.  Turns out, FLG is busting it.  220 minus his age (34) makes his maximum heart rate 186.  In fact, his max heart rate is usually 187 or 188.  During the circuits his heart rate stays shoots up to above 90% (~167) and stays there the entire time.   So, he is bustin' it.

If FLG's heart rate monitor's calorie calculator is to be believed, then the claim that you can burn up to a thousand calories during a workout isn't complete bullshit.  He's been tallying ~950.  He might top 1,000 during the longer workouts coming up.

Another thing that shocked FLG -- he wanted to take a break from doing the videos and decided to run on the treadmill.   He figured he'd jog at a decent pace and then crank up the speed to get his heart rate up to above 90%.  Trouble is that FLG cranked the speed up to 10 and his heart rate didn't get about 140.  His legs were tired because he wasn't exactly used to that motion and speed, but his cardiovascular system was just humming along with no problems.   It was pretty cool, but now he needs to find a treadmill that goes up to 11 because, of course, that would be one faster.
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