Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Update

FLG hasn't been posting much because, as he has mentioned before, he's spending time he'd spent blogging either 1) doing Insanity or 2) searching for jobs.

On the job front, he's scoring a big goose egg on interviews, including when he's been referred by current employees.  It's pretty frustrating considering he spent the last two years getting a Georgetown MBA.  Shit, it's not a Harvard MBA, but he felt the name brand would at least be good enough to get some interviews.

To add injury to insult, FLG got rear ended dropping Miss FLG Maior and Minor off at day care.   Thank God, nobody was hurt.  Just a lost fender and hood.

While FLG knows deep down somewhere that he one of the most fortunate people on the planet, or for that matter, one of the most fortunate that has ever lived on the planet - great family, healthy and getting healthier, good education, earning a decent living etc, -- it's hard not to get down.  But he should know better.

Anyway, updates will continue to be sporadic. 


Helen Rittelmeyer said...

I too am striking out on jobs and consoling myself for employment failure with a new health regimen. E.g., yesterday I ran four miles for the first time, and then got a rejection email. I am trying to detect some kind of cosmic symmetry in this.

FLG said...


A few things.

1) 4 miles? You training for a marathon or something. That's too far.

2) I'm only half not serious about a Don Draper job hunt strategy - drink a lot, smoke a lot - and job offers will come fast and furious.

3) You have a plethora of advantages in your job hunt. You're a Yalie. Your rapier wit. Your world-famous-ness.

In fact, were I you, my cover letter would simply read - I'm Helen Rittelmeyer, bitches.

Withywindle said...

The world is disappointing unimpressed with me too.

The loneliness of the long-running job search.

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