Friday, May 11, 2012

Celebrity Sightings

A couple of weeks ago, the FLGs were at the Whole Foods in Old Town Alexandria.  FLG saw somebody he recognized, somebody who is on TV a lot, but could quite place who they were.   The reaction of the person when he recognized the recognition on FLG's face confirmed FLG's suspicion.

Mrs. FLG walked up.

Mrs. FLG: What is it?

FLG:  Nothing, I just saw somebody I recognized and it bothers me that I can't place who he is -- either a congressman or a public policy commentator or something.  For some reason, I want to say Pete Domenici, but it wasn't him.

Mrs. FLG:  This is going to bother you all day, isn't it?

FLG:  Absolutely.

In fact, it has been bothering FLG for weeks.  But today, finally, FLG saw a Kyocera commercial and  the mystery was solved -- it was Peter Morici.


The Ancient said...

Mrs FLG --

You must let your husband out more. He's mistaking five foot six econo nerds for celebrities, and that's hazardous for both his health and professional development.

Yrs sincerely, etc.

FLG said...

Hey, he's on TV all the time!

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