Thursday, April 19, 2012


FLG hasn't been posting recently because he's still doing insanity in the morning and most of his free time has been devoted to his job search rather than blogging.

Insanity is going pretty well. FLG is most of the way through the first week of month two, which involves a new set of workouts. He feels much like he did the very first week - nauseous, tired, sore, and a goodly part of the workout alternating between curse-laden inquiries about the origin and sanity of the people on the video and staring dumbly and slack-jawed at the screen. Hopefully, the same thing applies in month two as it did in month one and FLG will completing the workout fine by next week.

The job hunt, on the other hand, is going pretty poorly thus far. FLG is trying to change career paths from his current field, which he hates, into a finance field, and it's been tough going. Since he doesn't really have a professional network or work experience in finance, it's been an uphill battle. It's not like FLG is trying to get into venture capital or private equity or anything. Although, he'll probably send some resumes out to them anyway. A good portion of his classmates have offered some help, so hopefully one will come through soon.


Anonymous said...

Just like you always say, it will all work out!

FLG said...

Oh, it will all work out. The question is just how long it will take.

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