Friday, March 2, 2012

Quote of the day

Mark Bittman:
this is precisely what government is for: to protect us from the things from which we cannot protect ourselves. Sugar is not exactly an invading army, but it can be thought of as a hostile force, and the processed food industry has succeeded in getting us to eat way more of it than is good for us. Will power alone isn't enough to stop that: we need national defense.

Right. Okay. So, if we cannot protect ourselves from sugar, then what exactly can we protect ourselves from Mark?


Anonymous said...

His cookbooks are spectacular. Clear, well written, thoughtful about not putting you through unnecessary steps. Now that he has decided he is some kind of elder statesman of food issues, I am sorry to lose him from cookbooks. dave.s.

Anonymous said...

We can protect ourselves from Mark Bittman.

George Pal

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